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Bob Jones III's daughter] is a big racist who hates blacks." Beth Engelhart, my former sister-in-law in a conversation with me.

Beth and Roxanne attended Northside Baptist Church in North Charleston, SC. Dean Robinson, Roxanne's husband, taught at Northside Christian High School and Roxanne may also have taught at one of the church schools.

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A reader who takes the time to read all the posts in order will gain great insight into the thinking and duplicity of Dr. Quotes of the Day: "A Negro is best when he serves at the table," then quickly added, "I'm not a racist." Dr.

Bob Jones III, The Washington Post, Getting the Bob out of Bob Jones U.

Later, after losing the Michigan primary to Mc Cain, he further distanced himself from the school while taking a swipe at Mc Cain’s tactics.“I reject bigotry, I reject prejudice, I repudiate anti-Catholicism and racism,” he declared.

“And I reject the politics of those who try to pit one group of Americans against another, of those who try to divide us based upon our race or based upon our faith.” Jeb Bush, a converted Catholic and governor of Florida, then came to his brother’s defense on “The Today Show,” offering examples of other politicians who had addressed audiences with whom their values didn’t align.

Although this Post was made on or about May 24, 2007, it belongs in the first part of the interracial dating ban Series.

Please excuse the fact that I am unable to keep these posts in order.

C., to a symbol of monomaniacal right-wing intolerance.

A number of politicians, including Ronald Reagan, Alan Keyes, Bob Dole and Dan Quayle, have visited the school in the past. John Mc Cain was quick to condemn the appearance because of the school’s intolerance toward Catholics and its policy that forbade interracial relationships.

The following information is apparently a replica of the material posted on Bob Jones University's website regarding the interracial dating ban.

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