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We’ve had everything: from the crowd-pleasing energy of Zumba to the seductive sinuousness of burlesque, from the dancehall-based swagger of booiaka to the bootcamp in strength-training that is pole-fitness, from the butt-obsession of twerking to the languid elegance of ballet-fit.

And now comes bachata: the original dirty dancing dating back to the Dominican Republic of the 1960s, a genre so notorious for its association with lust, vice and the poor that it was – until the past couple of decades – pariah in its country of origin.

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They are each syntheses of African, European, Indian and Indigenous influences, largely created by descendants of African slaves (see Afro-Caribbean music), along with contributions from other communities (such as Indo-Caribbean music).

Some of the styles to gain wide popularity outside of the Caribbean include baithak gana, bouyon, cadence-lypso, calypso, chutney, chutney-soca, compas, dancehall, jing ping, parang, pichakaree, punta, ragga, reggae, reggaeton, salsa, soca, and zouk.

In addition, neighboring Latin American and North American (particularly hip hop and pop music) countries have naturally influenced Caribbean culture and vice versa.

One must understand these influences to have a deep understanding of the resulting Caribbean music that reflects the culture of the people.

Caribbean is also related to Central American and South American music.

The complex deep origins of Caribbean music are best understood if you have knowledge of Western Hemisphere colonial immigration patterns, human trafficking patterns, the resulting melting pot of people each of its nations and territories, and thus resulting influx of original musical influences.

And if this performance is anything to go by, its no wonder why.

A group of women stand in the middle of a populated street.

Male • 16 years old • South of France I was on a summer holiday with my parents and little sister, on the Petit Camargue delta — inhabited mostly by horses and flamingos.

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