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She was, ironically, too unobservant to connect the blinking red dots and see the reality lying before her."Agent Two," he removed his chin from the dip in his folded hands, welcoming her into the seat opposite his desk. "Punctual, as always." Sasuke Uchiha wasn't the type of person who wasted more than three seconds on "trivial" things like niceties and social etiquette, unless it was for a meeting with potential connections, or a dinner with Sakura's parents.

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Setting: Tenten and Neji are 18 years old, both Jounins. Tenten was the first one to leave as the others pack their stuff.

She was about to say "bye" when she saw a shadow in the trees. From the outline of the shadow Tenten could tell that it was a human. When she saw the man's face clearly, Tenten gasped. Neji, Lee & Gai turned to see what happened to Tenten. Seeing the man move, Tenten came back to senses."K-Kuchida-kun?

The ever training made his way to Training Ground #7 where he used to train with Kakashi Hatake and the rest of Team Seven, Sakura Haruno and Sasuke Uchiha.

The silver haired sensei was constantly reading a bright orange covered book; Naruto came to find out Jiriya wrote; the pink haired girl was always fawning over Sasuke; and the raven haired loner was forever trying to get strong enough to kill his older brother-which as far as the blonde knew, Sasuke had not accomplished that goal yet.

This is based upon the first meeting between Team Samui and Team Kakashi and what would happen if instead of Naruto receiving a beating, he got a deal.

The deal is that Naruto helps Karui find Sasuke and rescue Killer Bee if he losses' the fight.

As it was dark, Neji and Lee could neither hear nor see. I'm sorry." Neji figured that this time it was Tenten's voice."Why not?

(A/N: okay, the date was so boring, just eating dinner .")Back to the same place (outside Tenten's apartment), Tenten and Kuchida were talking again. " (A/N: you know who already P)"Um, I Neji thought.

"Naruto, you can go relax in the village, if you want, and find out how things have been for yourself.

I'll get the report from 'Pervy Sage' here," Tsunade said with a wave of her hand, effectively dismissing the blonde male from the room.

She briefly paused at the doorway to readjust her vision, then strode towards her boss as she returned his customary blink of acknowledgement with a smile.

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