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Click the menu and select a material type to display only your materials of that type.

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Often they are simply thrown Share Point without a thorough understanding of how to leverage it effectively.

The end user simply starts uploading and managing documents they way they’ve known on the file share and/or their local hard drives.

But if folders are used in a similar fashion to one’s hard drive it is indicative in a lack of understanding.

This isn’t entirely the fault of the end users mind you.

If you’ve ever tried to traverse someone else’s folder structure looking for a document you know what a terrible experience it is.

We often end up frustrated and still without what we set out to find.

Or, you could throw everything into one drawer and you can find the right pair of socks when you need it.

And that's how we typically treat our files: we save files randomly to our Desktop and Documents folders, then waste time searching for files every day.

In addition, follow the links to learn more about how to create and use specific types of course materials.

After creating materials, you can filter your course materials list by specific types of content by clicking on the drop-down menu in the upper-right corner of the course materials list.

You can also pace students individually using our Student Completion feature.

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