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Maybe we should have just built a giant outerspace slingshot instead. You probably didn't even get to do fun stuff like play video games or eat chocolate because you're a building and don't have hands, or taste buds. That's a 100% accuracy rate, my feckless five-sided friend. Also, you can't be a "murderer" if the murderees really deserved it.

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In turn, you would expect foreign-language ø(ː) to map onto nonrhotic English NURSE, as happens with French deux dø mapped onto Br E dɜː or German Goethe ˈɡøːtə onto Br E ˈɡɜːtə.

Yet on the whole we call the painter not ˈbrɜːɡl̩ but ˈbrɔɪɡl̩. I can only suppose that our usual pronunciation is based on the spelling with eu interpreted according to the reading rules of German.

Just enough for you to be flattered by the fact that we think you're cool and maybe want to grab dinner and a movie with us sometime, so we have things to talk but only for a finite period of time in case it doesn't go well, but not enough to be creepy. And if you think about it, aren't they the same thing, really?

), you chose to use your godlike powers to help the sick and slowly type pithy moral codas in to your computerised diary.

Make no mistake about it – disloyalty hurts, scars, threatens, poisons and can jeopardize our connection with ourselves and with others.

The pain may not be readily noticeable, describable or immediate for both partners, but trust me, the wounds are there.They wound us in ways that we can’t even articulate or understand.All we know is that we ache and that the pain makes us question ourselves, our partners, our relationships and our future.The data used come from 118 first instance court decisions in relocation cases (96 proposed international moves and 22 proposed moves within the UK) – the CC sample – and 187 responses from family lawyers to a research questionnaire about relocation disputes –the RQ sample.We use statistical techniques to analyse those cases and investigate patterns of outcomes.Relocation disputes are cases between separated parents where one of them proposes to move to a new geographic location with their child and the other parent objects to the proposals.

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