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They RP a lot, and make up all these adventures just like what they do in the books, and there are a lot of RPers, but Mikleo really likes Sorey’s Shepherd because he’s more light-hearted– a lot of people write him really serious all the time.

Sorey likes that Mikleo will let him have some fun, because other people he’s tried to play with are mean to him if he goofs off a little bit.

The fact that crimes are being committed online, however, is not a reason to avoid using these services.

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So he asks Sorey to send him a bunch of pictures of himself, and Sorey, being the innocent child he is, sends them without question, and he doesn’t look like Mikleo at all. So Mikleo sends a picture back, and they keep being friends.

And over the years, they learn a lot about each other, and know each other’s family and friends and interests and what’s going on in their life.

Every day, people around the world enjoy the still-growing Internet phenomenon of chat rooms.

This revolutionary invention is one that has benefited society in ways that are incomprehensible to those who don't utilize it themselves.

And of course, Mikleo’s fine with this, because despite Sorey’s tendency to fool around, he does it with a really really good knowledge of the lore of the series, stuff that most people forget or don’t care about, and Sorey likes that Mikleo will talk to him about that stuff, too. Anyway, as they grow up, they also grow out of RPs, but they still message each other a lot.

And they learn a lot about each other, like that they’re the same age, same gender, and Mikleo finds out they have the same birthday and gets really weirded out, like, are we sure this isn’t some creeper?

The online world, like the rest of society, is made up of a wide array of people.

Most are decent and respectful, but some may be rude, obnoxious, insulting, or even mean and exploitative.

When they’re 16, they finally figure out how to video chat, and then Mikleo gets to meet Rose and Alisha and Lailah and Sorey insists that Mikleo introduce him to Edna and Zaveid and Gramps and…

and once they start video chatting, Mikleo can finally see the way Sorey’s bright green eyes just light up when he’s excited, and the way he can’t help but gesture animatedly when he’s excited, and he starts to realize he has a crush on his internet friend.

The acronym is a little strange, but it stands for Multi-User Dungeon.

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