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Barb took the pictures for me, because she knows what she’s doing with a camera and I do not, while a zombie-looking guy appeared across the lot and walked straight at us, slowly. and a bit more about Diving Girl: The Diving Girl shows up as matchbooks and hood ornaments and neon signs wherever delightful vintag-y things may be found, in a red or blue one-piece, either singly or in threes. Tourist Shop in Victoria, BC, Canada, February 2013: Reg at Ole Brass Rail for Breakfast 4/7/13: Esplanade with Todd April 12 2013: AMC Dine-In Theatres Menu: Switch Restaurant, Breakfast, May 5 2013 Switch Decaf and Fruit Bowl: Woman at the Vig: Stingray Friday May 24, 2013. Todd said: “We are being attacked with Food.” Vig Servers: Malee’s for Todd’s Birthday: Malee’s: Ivan, our favorite sushi chef at Stingray, July 12, 2013. Steven was looking like something out of The Great Gatsby and I told him so and knew I wanted to draw him, which meant pointing my phone at him and going all rude and click click click. Luckily no one was incensed or appalled, which is what I fear everyone will be when I start all up with my camera in their face, though that’s usually more with strangers. Read More

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